LBX - A Manifesto for the Financial Revolution.

19th March 2018

Who we are.

'The engine of the new crypto-economy'

Cryptocurrencies are changing the way money works. We are experiencing a paradigm shift, where the power that was held by institutions is now in the hands of ordinary people.

We are helping to build a part of the new financial ecosystem, enabling anyone to trade cryptocurrencies in an easy to use, safe and secure environment.

Here at LBX, we believe that the future is for everyone.

Therefore, we aim to put the power back in people's hands - where it belongs.


By harnessing the power of education, technology and design, we open the doors for everyone to partake in the new and emerging economy.

'A tale of the ten pillars of LBX...'

Education - Couple the power of knowledge and education to enable everyone to participate in the future of finance.

Technology - Be metric driven. Find solutions, deliver quality code, quickly and efficiently.

Data Analysis - Use data to make better informed decisions to achieve our goals more quickly and easily.

Operations - Building the foundations to a digital power house, so others can work to their best abilities.

Sales Process - building quality customer relationships by providing a first-class standard of service for risk transfer.

Exchange Operations - Maintaining the engine that gives the forward-thinking investor a smooth and trustworthy technical experience in the world of liberating asset ownership.

Customer Experience - Be the secure supporting framework for excellence and high performance in the customer journey.

Business Development - Know your product better than anyone, know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed to grow the business.

Human Resources - Priding ourselves on providing the best working environment for our employees, recognising that our employees are our strength.

Events & Social - Challenging the status quo of traditional finance by educating the crypto curious, whilst being surrounded by enthusiasm and dedication.

The LBX Manifesto

Bridge the gaps

Create an ecosystem

Unite knowledge, power and people

Bring together the old and the new

Build trust

Find solutions to problems

Do things properly

Imagine the unimaginable

Manage your capital

Accomplish your destiny

Enter the future of finance

The engine for the new crypto-economy, tailored for everyone.

This is LBX.

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