LBX Update 3rd April 2018


3rd April 2018

Update From Benjamin Dives, CEO


Over the past 8 weeks I have received messages from many users addressing our communication about the exchange and launch dates, so I wanted to let you know where we stand right now.

Setting up an exchange is no easy feat; it constitutes many different facets as you can imagine.

We are approaching the final stages prior to our full UK launch. We’ve staged 3 separate beta and pre-launch iOS tests to ensure stability and operability of the app. We have made countless iterative changes to smooth the user experience and to iron out anything which we felt wasn’t representative of the product we were looking to launch. Aside from some small sign-up issues which we have almost finished addressing, we are now delighted with the performance of the exchange, wallets and of course, our state-of-the-art app.

The biggest questions

• When launch?

• When Android?

• When Desktop?

• What are the fees?

The schedule

Android will follow iOS launch (imminent) in a few weeks - we are tweaking the iOS version, which will be used to finalise Android. Desktop will follow with more advanced trading features soon after.

Fees will be disclosed on full launch but are very competitive and give a viable, slick and easy to use alternative to the costly methods of turning crypto into GBP that are currently available.

We have been put under immense pressure to launch earlier by the public, but to operate as the first ever cryptocurrency exchange in the UK with UK Banking, there have been a number of significant regulatory hoops that we have had to jump through. We understand that the lack of communication has caused some frustration, but we have learned from that and are now making every effort to keep you informed.

We are delivering something truly unique here and our loyal followers are the lifeblood of what will make this a great exchange and a truly unique offering for the UK market.

We also want to ensure that everyone is as educated as possible with regards to the industry and the cryptocurrency space. We have created and delivered news and learning platforms, a daily market report to which you can subscribe, a dedicated support channel and help pages to answer everything you may need to know.

Further help and support

We have compiled a list of relevant help questions here, which are growing daily;

Contact our support team here;

Notify us on twitter @LBX_Support

News and learning

For up to date news, check our Telegram News Channel;

For learning modules, see our College of Crypto;

For our daily market report click here;









Thank you

We thank you for the continued feedback and the support that you have given us during the past few months and we apologise if you felt that you were not kept up to date. We have implemented changes that you have suggested and we have scheduled in upgrades, enhancements and improvements as a direct result of the communications with our beta testers.

We are truly excited about the imminent delivery of the app and have a series of exciting announcements to follow over the next 3 months, which should excite the UK market. Details will follow soon. We hope that you enjoy using the app as much as we have enjoyed developing it!

Yours sincerely,


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