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30th January 2017

A constant rise over a steady month


A constant rise over a steady month

Today, only 20 of the top 100 cryptoassets are in the green and two of them stand out as the current strongest — NEO and GAS. Amid the flat trend that many top projects have been facing, both these projects steadily rose 2.5x over the past month!

In case you have missed our previous reports, NEO is an indivisible share in the non-profit blockchain project of the same name — which is also China’s first blockchain project — and GAS is the token that powers its platform.

Like all alternative cryptoassets, they have been generally rising since December 10th, after the launch of bitcoin futures at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. On that day, all cryptoassets rose by an average of 20% and ‘alts’ began their bull run.

For most projects, however, that positive wave — which gained even more momentum after the December 22nd ‘Black Friday’ dip — ended on January 8th, after CoinMarketCap decided to remove Korean exchanges from their weighted averages.

The unexpected move created a small ‘crash’ of around 10% across the board and the penny coin investment surge hasn’t recovered — for example, Ripple’s XRP has lost 65% of its value since then. So why did NEO and GAS continue to rise during this flat market?


A developer’s conference today and tomorrow is creating FOMO!

After having lost more than 80% of its value against bitcoin between August and December — while maintaining its dollar value — NEO was the project that enticed investors with its 500x gains in 2017.

In August, after the project rebranded from Antshares to its new futuristic name, investors started to stock up on what they thought could become the next Ethereum — especially after the first successful ICOs on its platform came out. South Korean hype helped too!

Now, after the steady rise, everyone is waiting for the potentially large announcements that take place in these major developer conferences. As usual, we recommend you follow them directly on Twitter!


Filter the noise and stay ahead of the pack

OmiseGO, one of 2017’s most popular ICOs, is another project in the green today. They will have their first YouTube Town Hall tomorrow morning at 03:00 GMT!

Dent, a mid-2017 ICO, rose 25% over the past day — just like GAS. Unlike GAS, Dent’s rise was because it just went live on OKEX, a major Korean exchange!

Tron, another much hyped 2017 ICO, has been facing controversy from their announcements. Here’s the critique from Chris Burniske, a famous investor!


An insight a day could give you more profits to play

CoinMarketCap decided to — once again, unexpectedly — reintroduce Korean exchanges’ prices into its weighted average calculations! Read all about it here!

‘Tokenomics’ are a new area of cryptoassets theory that surrounds the design of their economic incentives. Here’s a must-read Twitter thread on the issue!

Paul Krugman, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, keeps his bitcoin hate going in his latest NYT article, using the simplistic bubble argument once again!

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